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Mendicant Birthday Gathering -- 2012 June 21

Please stop in and hang out with us next Thursday, 21 June at 17:30 UTC. There’s no set agenda, it’s just a chance to catch up on what we’re working on or want to be working on, community gossip, news from your corner of the planet, swapping marching band arrangements, and assorted other pastimes for a boring day at work or school - or in your pajamas at the kitchen table - whatever the case may be.

If you want to get to know our community members a little more, please show up a bit early at 17:00 UTC and participate in our first ever Mendicant Meet-n-Greet: we’ll pair up and have short 1-1 conversations, rotating partners every 5 minutes. This will hopefully be a way to get even our more quiet participants to share interesting ideas with one another.