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Intermediate Rails Code Review -- 2012 December 14

On Friday, December 14, Gregory Brown will be offering up one of his Rails projects for heckling and suggestions for improvement. The goal of this study session is to allow intermediate and advanced Rails programmers to learn by teaching best practices and conventions. The application itself is simple, and Gregory does not have much web development experience – so even advanced beginners should be able to help contribute some suggestions!

To participate, join the MU community mailing list if you haven’t already, and wait for the discussion to start on December 14. Once it gets rolling, feel free to share your own thoughts and questions any time between December 14 and December 21.

Gregory may end up using this Rails application as part of a Practicing Ruby article, and if he does, you will be credited in that article for any suggestions that end up being applied to the project.

Hope to see you participate, and happy hacking!