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Plans for a session on technical writing -- 2012 May 16

Gregory Brown will be running a 90-minute study session on technical writing in late May or early June. This session will focus on the general challenges involved in communicating complex ideas through writing, and does not require any special background in a particular field. Both experienced and inexperienced writers are welcome to participate!

To make sure that those attending the session have some common ground to start from, Gregory has put together a preliminary writing task that should be completed by all those who wish to participate in this activity.

While the exact date and time for the study session has not yet been set, the deadline for the preliminary exercise is May 24. Please see the task description for more details.

No matter what kind of work you do, improving your understanding of the fundamentals of technical writing will make you a better teacher AND a better learner. This session will hopefully be the first of many on this very important topic.